Owl Sticker

Owl Sticker

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The Owl art helps raise money for the non-profit Black Outside, Inc. 
With the purchase of any product with the owl, a portion of sales goes back to help inner city black youth go on outdoor adventures and learn the long term benefits of nature. 

Why the Owl?
Not only are owls amazing, but Harriet Tubman mimicked the sound of owls to alert freedom seekers of safe passage on the Underground Railroad. This design honors Harriet and the powerful connection to our ancestors who used more than the human world -- the night sky, owl calls, and deep knowledge of nature -- to navigate their way towards freedom. With each night hike, Black Outside honors the struggle and triumph of our ancestors in the outdoors. 

Made in the USA.

High quality, weather-resistant vinyl, this sticker is great for car windows, water bottles, laptop cases, coolers, and more!

High quality vinyl sticker.

Great for car windows, coolers, electronics, and more.

Made in the USA

Size: 5” x 4.01”

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