River Watchers

A 25% of each sale in this collection goes back to the non-profit, Austin River Watchers.

Austin Youth River Watchers combine peer mentoring with intensive environmental education, and engage youth through nature-based and experiential service-learning programs in environmental science. River Watchers collect, analyze, and publish water quality data from Austin-area streams and rivers. They report their data to local and statewide agencies. River Watchers engage with community partners and local volunteers on environmental restoration and green infastructure projects. Through these projects, they are actively working with community members to improve environmental conditions, while also learning about potential career paths. River Watchers have opportunities for adventures regularly. The program helps instill a love of nature in the next generation of environmental stewards by providing camping, paddling, and a wide variety of other outdoor activities. For most River Watchers, these are firt-time ever outdoor adventures.